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Artist’s Statement:


Whether sparked by circumstance or environs, the subtle beauty surrounding us is revealed.  The gentle change of color, maybe the sky, as the sun moves toward its resting place.  The depth of shadow, as light is cooled and filtered.  The rhythmic and poetic form of nature.  All work in concert to focus our thoughts inward.

The noise of life is drowned by our reflection, to reveal the voice of our soul.  The quiet sounds of nature calm our spirit.  The tempo of form soothes.  Questions can be asked, answers heard.

Composition, color, chiaroscuro are employed to renew and revisit this moment.



Artistic Method;

Upon discovery, subjects are recorded in the field through photography.  Returning to the studio the moment, feeling and beauty is attempted to be recreated through composition, color and chiaroscuro.  Mediums are pastel, colored pencil and watercolor.

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Macinaw_SunsetMackinaw Sunset - 2015, (Pastel on Paper 22.25x30)